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Jordan 2020

Jordan road trip just before the Chinese flu outbreak. Crossing from the south through the desert, a few iconic sites to the capital Amman and back around the lake.

Journey through the Kingdom of Jordan

From the south city of Aqaba through the nearby desert of Wadi Rum via the iconic Petra, Karak Castle to the capital city of Amman.
From there, turn around and head back south around the Dead Sea, dropping off the car and finishing the whole journey at the Soof Brewery just over the border.

Departure from Aqaba
Garbage dump by the road
Just don't go too far.
Colorful rocks
Wadi Rum train stop
Encounters with the desert and Bedouins
Entrance to Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum
Overlooking the desert
Mushroom Rock
Sunset over the desert
Photo with stars
Entrance to the Treasury
View of Petra
Local donkey gang
One-humped camel
First look at the Treasury
The Treasury by candlelight
Petra by Night
Night Journey to the Treasury
Night entrance to the Siq
Tomb in the Triclinium
On the way through Jordan
Valley near the village of Dana
View over Jordan
Jordan in the counter-light
The Kerak Castle
Inside the Kerak Castle
Kerak Castle interiors
Mitsubishi Outlander
Mujib Dam
Roman Theatre in Amman
Byzantine Church
View of the western part of Amman
View of the eastern part of Amman
A bit of nationalism
View from the Citadel
Urban mayhem
From a passenger's perspective
Sunset over the Dead Sea

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