Equipment and tools It's not about the brand, but about who's behind the viewfinder ... Photography is my hobby.
I had a chance to try
what it is like to make
a living from photography.
As a result,
I lost my hobby ...

Equipment and tools



Equipment that I have available with, short comment included

Nikon D750

Full Frame with 24.3 Mpx chip - The main piece of my equipment
So far, absolute satisfaction, the ideal balance between performance and price.
Yes, I would like to have its successor (D850), but for now it is a relatively expensive toy and the current body works flawlessly.
Moreover, I cannot say that I'm 100% familiar with all the functions and controls, so there is still room for improvement.

Lens Tamron 24-70 mm f/2,8 SP Di VC USD G2

Bran new lens bought in October 2019. I've been looking for 24-70 lens for a quite long time and due to October cashback from Tamron, I choose this one.
Not much to write about... there are multiple positive reviews, thus I hope I choose well (fingers crossed).

Lens Nikon 16-35mm f/4,0 AF-S G ED VR

The most commonly used lens, every day workhorse.
Crisp details, amazingly sharp plus it has flat front element, so standard circular filters can be used.
Significant distortion on the widest focus, which can be compensated in Lightroom, but it is advisable to think about it before shooting (rather capture more space to allow later crop during post-process).

Lens Nikon 105mm f/2,8 G NIKKOR AF-S Micro IF-ED VR

The lens for macro photography that has an impression ratio of 1: 1 and has a decent, but a bit noisier stabilizer.
Can be used allegedly for portrait photography but it's not my cup of tea.
Depth of field depending on exposure settings and consequently on user's ability to work with Photoshop focus stacking feature.

Lens Nikon 20mm f/2,8 AF NIKKOR D A

Quite good metal lens for landscapes and occasional architecture photography with excellent aperture.
I use it sporadically, but I plan to try it more and during multiple occasions.
It has auto focus ability and focus is relatively fast (landscape or architecture will not leave that fast).
And, as a bonus, it has an aperture lock! Just leave it at maximum and then set the aperture value through the body.

Lens Nikon 50mm f/1,8 AF-S NIKKOR G

That's what I got together with camera, I use it occasionally while traveling when I know I will meet some kids.
I use children for quasi-portraits because they do not complain when someone place the lens in front of their faces (adults usually ask why and how much).

Lens Samyang 14mm f/2.8 ED AS IF UMC

Purchased for the Northern Lights 2019 expedition, so I use it for photography in low light conditions.
Manual control lens which can transmit aperture information through body. Sharp enough, but could be better in the corners.
Very good lens for its price level.

Tripod Manfrotto MT294A3 + 391RC2 3-Way

The first Manfrotto tripod I put together while in New Zealand.
Three-section legs and a non-ball head, originally used for the Nikon D7000.
It has travelled with me all over Oceania, much of Asia, been in dust, mud and in Egypt completely underwater at about 7m.
It still works, the screws in the head have rusted so it can't be taken off, but why take it off?
The robustness, durability and the fact that it has been with me for so long has made me confident that I will continue to purchase Manfrotto products.
For me: a legendary kit!

Tripod Manfrotto MK190XPRO4-3W

After negative experiences with other brands (especially the 3 Legged Thing crap) I don't want another brand.
This is the second tripod to replace its lighter predecessor, which has had its time.
It is a three-piece leg and non-round head (personal preference) that can also be positioned at right angles for macro photography purposes.
It is still a relatively "light" tripod due to its physicality.

Drone EVO 2 Pro

Orange hornet with 1"Sensor, couple of megapixels and variable aperture. It's a bit bulky, fly like a bus but it's very stable and provide excelem image quality for my needs. Check my Drone Photo gallery for some pics

GoPro HERO7 Black Edition

No need for much of an introduction, but perhaps I'll just conveniently note that compared to its predecessors, I'm really very happy with the Hyper Smooth stabilization (a blast).
Given the ample reserves I have in Adobe Premiere and After Effects, I use the GoPro as a supplement for any video I might take during travels.



My knowledge level of Adobe software and other products

Adobe Photoshop75%

Adobe Lightroom90%

Adobe Premiere50%

Adobe After Effects35%

Adobe Illustrator40%

Adobe InDesign30%

Adobe Bridge (😀)99%

Wacom Intuos Pro M50%


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Cloud size

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