Bruges 2016

Relaxing beer-oriented euro-weekend in Bruges. Photo gallery from the Belgian "Venice of the North", a medieval city with buildings and water canals, supplemented by demonstrations of local hospitality products.

City water canals

Guild Houses on the Grote Markt

Manual how to use the house

Bakery shops on every corner

Streets in Bruges

F*cking Dwarfs

Pope's cart

Around the channels

Venice of the North

The Liquid Bread Kingdom

Strange scene

Tripel Van De Garre

Through the back entrance

Compact dwelling's floral decoration

Windmill No.1, version with a fence

Windmill No.2, version without a fence

The Basilica of the Holy Blood

Belgian beer culture

Brand new brewery

One of the many intersections near the city center.

City center

The main square

Slightly better than ordinary czech lager Gambrinus

The southern part of the city suitable for relaxing by the pond/river

Nature in the Monastery

Many Narcissus

Belgian waffles

By horse carriage around the city


On a brewery tour

Welcome to Bruges

Beer hatchery

In the brewery cellar

Carousels arrived

Urban secluded places

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